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Why the Philippines is Not a Good Place to Live or Retire

Buying a property in the Philippines, like a house or a condominium,is a bad idea for would-be-expatriates to this country, especially for those who are on limited budget and not sure if this is the place for them to raise a family or spend their retirement years.  Primarily because the Philippines is not an accommodating country to live anymore due to its substandard living condition for both foreigners and locals alike.  The government is totally corrupt, the cost of living keeps rising due to the Chinese businesses' monopoly of the economy, the traffic is horrible and not showing any signs of improving, the health-care system is mediocre compared to the health-care services provided by other emerging Asian countries, the quality of education is on a steady decline due to lack of funding, the widespread pollution and flooding consistently pose as health threats, and the crime rate continues to rise throughout the archipelago due to the lack of law enforcement from the same corru…

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